Target Times    
What are the Target Times?

Knowing how fast you need to go is essential before getting a training plan. At, we give workout sets that have specific target times based on the data you give us. The target times are based on the fitness level extrapolated from the results of specific test sets that we incorporate in your weekly workouts. This way, you would know if you’re improving or not. If you rank higher in any given test set, we will up the challenge for you by giving you shorter target times to hit.

Target times are essential for your swimming technique to improve. These target times serve as your weekly goals. With the collected weekly data, we make new swimming workout plans to further improve in your technique. At, swimming workout plans are essentially categorized by skill tier. The higher the skill tier you are in, the tougher the routine. And of course the tougher the routines, the faster you have to be to reach the target time. With, you’ll receive specifically designed workout sets with target times. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to get the perfect training you need.