Target Stroke Counts    
Target stroke counts

To become a great swimmer, you need to know how to be efficient. Yes, speed matters, but without efficiency, your swim won’t be as effective. You need to find a balance between how hard you swim and how much energy you have in hitting a target time. What you need is a set target stroke count.

But there is no general stroke count for each person. Generally a taller person takes less strokes than a shorter person, because of their physique or body build. Stroke counts are useful in determining and increasing your Distance per Stroke or DPS. The key to efficient and fast swimming is to have a low average of stroke per length. The components that you need to keep track of when swimming are:
• Distance
• Time
• Stroke count

So to get the speed, we need to multiply factors of stroke rate and stroke length. What you need to work on is reduce your average stroke count per length. By doing this, you’ll have a nice and consistent pace.

At we make sure that the swimming sets we give will have your ideal target stroke count. You don’t have to worry with the tedious computations; we will do it for you. Every week, a series of workouts will be sent for you to follow. We will help you get the right stroke count to swim faster and efficiently.