5000 Swim Workouts... Really?    
Yes, it is true! We have exactly 5090 Customized swimming workouts in our database! – “Holy smokes, that’s a large number of workouts!” — How do we customize them and tailor them to you? —Well, we’ve got some smart people over here, that's how! Check out the "How We Customize your Workouts" page.

About the 5090 Workouts:
All swimming workouts were written and designed by Coach Chuck Meklensek over a three-year period. All the workouts are separated into various workout 'types'. Some focus on technique, some on endurance, some on speed, and some on a mix of all of those. Some workouts include "Test Sets" which are used to monitor your progress and devise your training times, ideal stroke counts and efficiency indexes and that’s not all, you can manage your entire training plan, which pulls in the appropriate workouts straight from the 5090 workouts in the database.

So, why so many workouts, you ask? --Well, we believe that workouts are meant to be placed into your training regimen at the right time, and that you need to be doing specific pace times, hitting specific target times, holding a specific number of strokes and managing your heart rate throughout.....so our workouts are just that specific. Thus, we need that many!

Do you want a taste of total swimming improvement and the knowledge that your training plan is designed and customized just for you? --Well, get on the plan! We can't wait for you to tell us all about your improvements!